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To live up to the expectations of our customers, we have created a unique interior design solution together with the MJanimo Interior Design Studio. Working with an Architect means you receive a comprehensive service, accurately tailored to your needs. Ingenious designs, inspiring interiors, timeless solutions. Discover new possibilities and live the life you want, while MJanimo takes care of the rest.



MJanimo is an interior design studio operating in the industry for over 20 years, created by a well-coordinated team of several people, each specializing in a different field, interior design styles, or scopes of design work. We make visualizations of rooms specified by you and sets of drawings from the concept stage, through detailed technical drawings, to individual furniture designs. It is important for us that each interior is aesthetic, ergonomic and one of a kind. We approach each client individually and tailor-made to their needs, we create functional projects characterized by originality and timeless design.




How does it work?

Interior design: 5 steps


Contract signing

You will sign a contract after reviewing our solutions and choosing the one right for you. You can do this in person during your meeting with the Architect or just send us a signed scan of the document.


Meeting the architect

We discuss your expectations and inspirations. Together we choose a design style and a service package to suit your expectations and budget.


Project presentation

We will provide you with a design for your flat and then we’ll discuss it – by e-mail or telephone. At this stage we will determine all the most important details of the project and its execution.


Project execution

You leave the interior design of your home in our hands. Just hand over the keys to us and wait for a call when everything is finished. There is no need for you to be involved in the execution process – leaving you with time to do as you desire.



You collect your dream flat. A handover report has to be signed, confirming that the work has been carried out in accordance with the contract. Then you are free to live happily ever after in your new, phenomenal flat.



Save money

You save 15% on all products and services we provide you with. We also stick to a set budget – no unforeseen costs will arise during the finishing process.


You have a choice – we have prepared as many as 3 interior design packages, with different levels of involvement on our part. You decide what kind of assistance you require from us, and we will provide it. Whichever package you choose – you will always work with a professional architect.

Complete control

It's your home and your money, and as such you have full control over the process. We will provide you with a detailed breakdown of costs, guarantee a fixed price and top-quality workmanship. We will take care of supervision and organisation of deliveries. We will select the best materials.


We guarantee to meet the deadlines we agree upon. The works will be carried out within the agreed timeframe, without wasting your time. So that you can spend it in a more pleasant manner.


We know our job. We guarantee the highest quality of service. This is why we are confident enough to provide you with a 5-year guarantee on the works carried out and a manufacturer's guarantee on the materials used. An architect and a building inspector will accompany you throughout the entire process.

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Select program


Eco - 1150 PLN/m2 gross Basis solution ior proper price – it means, that it’s perfect solution for moderate budget, but also for people to invest money for rent.


LIFE - 1250 PLN/m2 gross. Bigger scale of product and colours, that gives you a chance to arrange your own style. Expanded by suspendend ceiling and more decor tiles makes an opportunity for new design ideas.


COMFORT - 1500 PLN/m2 gross. Dedicated to people, who beknight possibility of choice and like original solution.


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